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RLPack is a software that gives you the power to compress your executables and dynamic link libraries

RLPack is a software that gives you the power to compress your executables and dynamic link libraries in a way that keeps them small and has no effect on compressed file functionality. Further more RLPack protects your files from modification and has several protection options which help protecting your files from being changed or cracked. But compression and protection does not stop there. RLPack with iBox module can pack your dynamic link libraries and place them inside the main executable so they can not be modified. They are extracted directly to memory (or optionally to disk) hiding their presence and enabling you to keep your dynamic link libraries safe from being used by third party programs or users.

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  • Packs sections, resources, export and import table (ratio up to 70%)
  • Stripping relocations, TLS and export table 
  • Preserves extra overlay data appended to file
  • Checking file integrity via custom CRC implementation
  • AntiDebugging, AntiDumping, Import Redirection protections
  • Code splicing, Import Elimination, OEP conversion to Virtual Machine
  • Protection from generic unpackers and OEP finders
  • Fake packer detection by inserting fake signatures
  • Download missing .dll files from your web site
  • Executable password protection
  • Thead Local Storage emulation
  • Enforce memory protection 
  • Sign packed file(s)
  • Mutex checking
  • Packer and packed files run on Windows 95/98/ME/2000/2003/XP/Vista
• Packer can be run on Linux with WINE emulator 
RLPack is a software compression solution that gives you the power to compress your executables and dynamic link libraries and still keep them in executable state. This means that no third party programs or .dll files are needed to run the packed software. The file works just as it did before it get packed and in some cases it even starts up faster than the original since smaller file needs to be loaded into memory. This is achieved by storing a very small decompressor inside every packed file which unpacks the packed content directly into memory. Due to high compression algorithms used file size can be reduced down to 30% of the original size. This is higher compression ratio than one in WinZIP. 
But RLPack can do much more. In its Full version RLPack can protect your application from modification by checking CRC of the packed executable. RLPack can make sure that there is only one copy of your program running. It can also protect the packed file from being unpacked by all known generic unpacker used by crackers to deprotect the application, after which application can be cracked. Another feature is the ability to sign every packed executable so that you can track how your executables distribute over the web or so that you can find out if the copy of the program has "fallen" into wrong hands. Signature can be read even if the application has been unpacked and it is not longer protected by RLPack wrapping shell. With RLPack you can also protect your executable files from unathorized access by protecting them with the password. Only one valid password unlocks the protected executable. This password can not be removed and application can not be used without correct password input. You can set a different password for each of your executable files, and if you choose so password can be saved on the computer the protected file is running. This way there is no need to retype the password each time the program starts.
   But this is not all. RLPack can decrease the size of your program’s installation by enabling you to remove common runtime .dll files such as MSVBVM600.dll from the installation. If this common .dll file is not located on your customers computer RLPack will show download dialog which will download missing .dll file(s) from your website after which application will be started normally.